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Helping you put together a budget that saves you money and meets your needs.

Corporate Career Development

Salary negotiations, Interview prep, promotion strategies, resume review....everything you need to get the job

you want!

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Do you have a goal you’re trying to achieve but don’t know where to begin?

Well, look no further! Hicks Financial is here to guide you.


Below are our services to place you on track to financial freedom!

Debt Consultation 

Evaluating your accumulated debt and preparing a plan for reduction.

Educational Planning

Helping you prepare for your children's educational costs down the line by choosing the right investment plan that will cover their future expenses.

Financial Assessment

A complete financial analysis of your situation with solutions and suggestions.

Net Worth Analysis

Calculating your net worth with strategies to grow your value.

Retirement Planning 

Preparing a comprehensive investment plan that can help take care of your needs and wants once you hit retirement age.

Small Business Consultation

Evaluating the financial status of your small business and comprising strategies for profitability and growth.

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Say Hello To A
Financially Free Future

Hicks Financial; Asset & Wealth Management is ready to help you take the first steps into being financially free. 

Call or email, today to schedule an appointment.

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