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Hicks Financial; Asset and Wealth Management, is a financial firm focused on enhancing people's lives by helping them to become financially free!  We do this by teaching you skills and hacks to saving, investing, and budgeting your finances so you can live a better and more stress-free life.  

We believe that these 4 core values are the keys to

being and also providing the very best for our clientele. 


You can trust us to give you the best information and financial advice.


We partner with our clients to make sure it is a collaborative effort.


We provide the highest level of service to help you pursue your financial goals. 


We teach you lessons in financial

restraint and


James was born in North Carolina but has been a resident of Central Florida for over 20 years. He achieved his Associate's degree from Valencia College,  Bachelors's in Organizational Communication from the University of Central Florida, and his Master's of Business Administration from Webster University. He recently obtained a certificate in Entrepreneurship in Emerging Economies from Harvard University


James has always had a love for business and finance and has developed it over the last 15 years. He has worked as a Specialist, Consultant, and Manager for multiple companies in the pharmaceutical and medical industry. Within these roles, he has been responsible for managing a territorial and district budget totaling up to $100,000 annually. James has also won numerous awards for his work as a Senior Executive in the pharmaceutical industry using his budgeting and territory management skills. He has traveled the country facilitating business seminars, national conventions, as well as sales and finance trainings. He is currently a part of multiple advisory boards and committees throughout Central Florida. James is also on the trustee board and a part of the financial committee at his local church, where he assists with the operation of the yearly budget and over a million dollars worth of assets. 

James has been a special guest with the "On the Record" radio show, speaking to over 30,000 viewers online about Hicks Financial and his overall business strategy. He was also the guest of 361ccRadio out in Corpus Christi, Texas, speaking to an international audience about his history and background in finance. He was published in an article with VoyageMIA Magazine highlighting his business success thus far. And he was also a guest on Carter Conversations discussing the state of America's current economic condition. IBA Success Magazine also featured James in their "Men with a Billionaire Mindset" edition. Recently, James was a guest on AfroTV, a nationally syndicated Comcast program, "Live with Candice & Kris." 

In his spare time, James likes playing and listening to music, watching movies, reading a good book, and traveling the world.  

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